5 Core Elements of Quality Management System: Production Management Improvement

Why think about a quality management system for your company? The answer is very simple: The customers of your products and services always expect the best quality in what they buy. That is why you need to know what are the core elements of quality management system.

So, thinking about quality and a management system is thinking about the customer and the reason for being of your entire organization.

If a client is satisfied with what they receive, it will help you attract many more clients and if, in addition, they recognize that you are always looking to serve better because you use the quality management system, your client’s trust will increase and you will become their strategic ally.

If one of these elements is missing, the management system will not be able to reach its full potential, but best of all, each element can be worked on individually. It is for that reason that we are going to list each of the elements of the QMS below.

These Are the Top 5 Core Elements of Quality Management System

Implementing a successful quality system to improve efficiency and effectiveness does not have to be complex or expensive. Developing it has to do with will and consistency. The first encourages us to create the system and the second allows us to remain in its execution. But before thinking about implementing it, you must learn what it consists of and how it can help you.

Here are the core elements of quality management system:

  1. Leadership is essential to solve problems
  2. Planning is key to have a clear vision of the future
  3. Support and operation are essential to face daily challenges
  4. Internal performance evaluation
  5. Continuous improvement is essential to offer a better service

During today’s article we want you to know all the basic concepts used in quality management. Now that we have listed each of the elements, it is time to explain what each one consists of.

Leadership Is Essential to Solve Problems

Leadership Is Essential to Solve Problems

There must be a leader instead of a boss, that is, the person in charge of each area is committed to the company, is involved and tries to achieve the set objectives. You must guide the entire team and work as one and not just dedicate yourself to directing as a boss would.

Leadership is combined with effective communication to other members of the organization, once it is clear where we are going, the next step to achieve the participation of other members is to inspire and invite them to feel ownership of the Management System and can put all your skills at your service.

Planning Is Key to Have a Clear Vision of the Future

Planning Is Key to Have a Clear Vision of the Future

In order to know that a correct quality management system is in place, the different personal elements of the organizations will have to work together in the same direction. In this way, any worker in the organization will feel integrated and motivated to meet the requirements.

Being clear about where we want to go and setting goals is not enough, it is important to spend time defining the path. Sometimes we even visualize very long-term plans and for this reason they are complex and even demotivating.

Support and Operation Are Essential to Face Daily Challenges

Support and Operation Are Essential to Face Daily Challenges

The people on your team must be committed to meeting the objectives of the company. All team members have to be committed to the company and its quality system. They must know what the culture of the company is, its values ​​and its quality objectives. Every time a new colleague joins your work team, make sure they are oriented about it.

This element refers to the way the organization decides to face the daily challenges of producing the services or products for its clients.

Internal Performance Evaluation

Internal Performance Evaluation

Evaluate each of the services your company offers. Ask yourself which ones are working, which ones you can improve, and which ones you would add to make the customer experience better. Make an internal evaluation together with the work team and other external ones, asking your clients and colleagues in the industry. Also, when you finish a service, send a customer satisfaction survey about the service provided.

As human beings we have a tendency to see the subject of performance evaluation as something dark, since sometimes we focus on what we do wrong and what we must correct.

Continuous Improvement Is Essential to Offer a Better Service

After evaluating your services, establish a continuous improvement program. Ask yourself what areas need improvement and create an area where all colleagues can write their ideas and suggestions about it. Keep everyone informed about the process and reward that client or coworker who suggests continuous improvement that helps the company progress.

Finally, and if we have already observed our performance from all points of view or lenses and we find many strong elements, however, also elements to be strengthened, it is necessary to design the appropriate mechanisms to address these issues and give them a treatment in the company.

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