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The bottom line is that you want to run your business your way.  While The Lean Machine can cover a lot of those ways, there can be a few areas where it would be really great if your quality, material management, or accounting  software could handle a particular process in a particular way.    It’s very likely that with a modest custom development project we can help.

One of the things we have realized over the years is that it doesn’t take a lot of variation between what your software does, and the process it needs to support before the software’s usefulness starts to rapidly degrade.

This is reflected in the huge effort companies often put into the software selection process.  They create a long list of everything they can think of that they might need, and get several vendors to submit costly proposals, only to spend a lot of time and effort implementing a system that still has some surprises down the road because you can’t really know what your process management needs are until you build that process.

Our custom development services can act like a little insurance that when those process needs are discovered, we will make every effort to figure out a way to support those needs.

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Our QMS Software is backed by a 100% success rate for ISO Certification On The First Try!

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Studies show that 60-80% of product cost is tied to administration. With this fact in mind, we build a quality management software product that could administer document, quality, and inventory management knowing that we wanted to be Lean about it and attack that 60-80% statistic.

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