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Customer Management

Customer Management ensures the relationship with your customer is one that supports both repeat business, and the holy grail of any one’s marketing effort….word of mouth endorsement of your company and products.

Contact Manager / Vendor Management
Contact Manager / Vendor Management
Considering all the times that a quality event involves a customer or a vendor, the integration of the CRM Software module with the other modules saves a tremendous amount of time and prevents both duplicate and erroneous data entry.
With Our CRM Software you can
Use any of the robust search features to easily find a company by a variety of information, including first or last names of people who work at the company.
Link customers and vendors to important events like non-conforming material reports, feedback reports, Corrective Actions, Audits, etc.
Send e-mails through MS Outlook that are recorded in The Lean Machine so that there is a contact history maintained that others can view.
Define vendor approvals and the scope of what they are approved to provide, plus monitor their performance.
Establish an Action Plan for a given company that shows up on the assigned person’s dashboard when due.
The CRM Software module allows you to attach documents and approve contracts.
Manages multiple contacts at a single company, or simply enter a single individual.
Check MS Outlook Address Book for a contact and export a contact to MS Outlook.
Manage company relationships with vendors, customers, partners, etc.
Merge multiple records for the same company into one record.
Record and invoice time and expense charges to a company.
Contact Manager / Vendor Management
Internal E-mail / Escalation System
The internal e-mail system provides an e-mail system for your users that can both send mail via MS Outlook, as well as import sent or received mail in MS Outlook. This e-mail is completely self-sufficient and will provide an e-mail style communication tool, even when external e-mail has not been set up.
With our Internal Email module you can
Send e-mail via MS Outlook to other Internet Addresses. When sent from the Contact Manager module, there is a record of the e-mail to a customer or vendor that other users may need to know about when dealing with that particular company.
Send email to other licensed users of The Lean Machine on your network independent of other e-mail applications. This internal e-mail does not travel over the Internet and can not be infected with viruses.
Import e-mail from the Outlook Inbox or Sent Items into the contact history of the appropriate company in the Contact Management module.
Customize your own e-mail signature block with contact information.
Create E-mail groups for quick addressing to multiple persons.
Spell check, and message reply.
Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

The Customer Complaint Software module acts as a collection point for any kind of customer compliant handling so that it can be assigned to someone for resolution depending on your internal procedures and the type of feedback.

With our Customer Complaint software you can
Flag certain feedback reports as requiring special action, such as a regulatory reporting if you are a medical company.
Additional Reviewers can be established who must review and verify that all needed actions have been taken.
Assign each feedback event to a specific person for action depending on the feedback and area of impact.
Link feedback events in the Custom Complaint Software module to Non-conforming material events.
Conduct customer surveys to proactively obtain structured feedback from customers.
Provide employees with a mechanism to collect customer feedback from any source.
Feedback can be tracked by two customizable categories of Category and Type.
Link feedback events to the corrective actions initiated in response to the feedback.
QMS Software
Most quality management software (QMS Software) platforms consist of document control, audit management, non-conformance tracking, corrective action, and employee training, however, our QMS Software is expanding to more areas of the business, depending on the QMS needs of your company.
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