The Lean Machine

Lean Management Consulting

By subjecting each business process and its procedures to systematic scrutiny,
our consultants can multiply the effectiveness of The Lean Machine software by:
  • Delivering the value of their years of experience within the efficiency of an electronic quality and risk management system.
  • Implementing new lean solutions with developer support for the changes needed in The Lean Machine to support them.
  • Every solution already added is delivered at an incredible value.

Consistently high customer satisfaction

Development of objectives that add the most value

Meaningful, measurable, actionable insights

An environment of respect and cooperation throughout your organization
Implementing Lean Management
Implementing Lean Management

Our all-in-one quality management solution is uniquely suited to helping you be lean because we apply these same lean principles to software development and all other aspects of Lean and Mean Business Systems.

The Lean Machine™ provides a fully-integrated quality management platform to implement the lean processes and procedures you have developed. In addition, you have the continuous improvement and risk management tools needed to support your efforts to improve those processes.

QMS Software
Most quality management software (QMS Software) platforms consist of document control, audit management, non-conformance tracking, corrective action, and employee training, however, our QMS Software is expanding to more areas of the business, depending on the QMS needs of your company.
Let's Build Your Solution
Our QMS Software is backed by a 100% success rate for ISO Certification On The First Try!
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