The Lean Machine

Organizational Management

Organizational development modules allow you to set goals, defines roles, grants authority, and defines the measurements for performance, both for the individual and the organization.

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning
The Strategic Planning module is based on the principles of Hoshin Kanri and provides the management team a means to “steer the ship.”
Instead of having a plan in a binder on a shelf that no one reads, the president’s vision, and management’s projects to implement that vision are organized, planned, delegated, and synchronized to every employee.
With our Strategic Planning software you can
Strategic Planning Software also allows you to approve the strategic plan electronically using the built in 21 CFR part 11 compliant electronic signature feature.
Support each annual and long range plan with a project management tool that helps you assign responsibility and define the metrics for success.
Alert a plan owner automatically when the strategic plan is due, or when there is no review scheduled of the current planning year via the Employee Dashboard.
Enter the results of weekly, monthly or quarterly metric data and display a graph of each plans progress via the integration with the Metrics module.
Define the Mission, Annual, and Long Range plans for the business based on the current business landscape.
Attach supporting documents to each plan as well as link a plan to a controlled document if needed.
Strategic Planning
Project Planning
The Project Management Software module allows you to organize an individual or group of people on a group of tasks that can be linked to a variety of other modules within The Lean Machine.
With our Project Management software you can
The department notification system can alert a customized list of people about a project in their department.
Released Documents
Any procedures affected by the project can be referenced to the Project Management Software module.
Provides the details of tasks, sub tasks, assignments, and due dates to make sure it all happens on time.
Strategic Planning
Strategic Plans are implemented via the Project Management Software Module.
Purchase Orders
Can be used to keep track of purchases related to the project.
Defines what measurements define the success of the project.
Work Orders
Can be used to keep track of prototyping of new designs.
Attach multiple references as needed.
Link to a customer or vendor record.
Strategic Planning
Events Module
Do you manage your tasks with Post-it notes? This Project Management Software tool allows you to track and link individual events and tasks to both Projects and other modules throughout The Lean Machine.
The Project Management Software tool links your to-do-list to all the areas of The Lean Machine where an extra list of things to do might come in handy.
With this module you can
Create multiple tasks under each event which acts like a mini-project management tool. Also, link tasks to other events for additional layers
Attached external files to both each reoccurring event as well as the Master event in the Event Scheduler. This allows the module to be used to capture quality records that may need to be input into another application, like MS Excel.
Link events to controlled documents. This is especially useful if the document is supposed to create a quality record of some action, as the action can be described as a reoccurring event and linked to the document.
Schedule a single event, or schedule the same event to reoccur using an Outlook style Event Scheduler.
Meeting and Review Agenda Items
Controlled Documents
Strategic Planning Projects
Corrective Actions
Meetings And Reviews
Meetings And Reviews
The Meetings and Review module provides several solutions to maximize the benefits of getting people together. Whether it’s to review the quality system, the strategic plan, or for product design and development, records of the meeting should be kept, and specific action items should be assigned and followed.
With our Meetings and Reviews software module you can
Integrated with the Metrics module so that established metrics can be automatically loaded into the meeting for review based on a review frequency established for each metric.
Link agenda items to corrective actions or tasks assigned in the Event module when an action needs to be assigned and not forgotten.
Displays a link from metrics being reviewed to the Strategic Planning project or Release Document (Process) they are associated with.
Replace inefficient note taking by entering your meeting minutes into your QMS.
Action items can be exported to the Project Management or Corrective Action modules.
Assign meeting attendees, including whether they are representing someone else.
Create agenda items and record the minutes of the meeting under each agenda item.
E-mail attendees a prewritten invitation to the meeting as well as the completed minutes.
Metric Run Chart
Metric Run Chart
The Metrics Run Chart module allows the capture of key metrics in support of Six Sigma or other process improvement projects. These metrics can be any number of things from process metrics or financial metrics to project metrics or individual metrics.
Measure anything that shows progress or successful implementation of a project or procedure, then share it, and link it to other modules.
With our Metrics Run Chart software module you can
Capture and graph the data for the metric. Strategic Plans, Meetings & Reviews, Controlled Documents and Employee Evaluations.
Import metrics automatically when they are due for review into the Meeting and Review Module.
Define the important metrics for the business, process, or employee.
Employee Evaluation
Employee Evaluation
The Employee Evaluation Software module allows supervisors to conduct secure employee evaluations.
Employee Evaluation Software also allows the employee who is evaluated, easy year round access to their evaluation in order to support, focus, and motivate their own continuous improvement activities.
With our Employee Evaluation software you can
Link the employees Job Description to their evaluation. This provides a clear, and easily accessible picture of what they are supposed to be doing, as well as what they need to work on.
Create a checklist of questions for the evaluation that can be graded on a 1-5 scale that totals a final score and percentage.
Secure access – only the employee, the evaluator, and anyone listed on the viewers list may view the review.
Re-load and edit the list of questions from a previous evaluation.
Obtain electronic signatures from both the employee and evaluator.
Employee / User Information
Employee / User Information
The Employee or User module let’s you manage employee and Non-Employee information for people who need access to The Lean Machine. This allows you the flexibility to extend the quality system umbrella over the collection of people who need to collaborate within your business, whether those people are employees, contractors, vendors, etc.
With the Employee/User Information software module you can
Assign Employees to more than one job description to accurately reflect real world conditions, while allowing a small business to define jobs for future business conditions.
Manage user information to include
Name, address, etc. Supervisor. Permissions in The Lean Machine. Job Descriptions assigned. Resume. Password. SS number. Work Centers / Department assigned. Link Non-employees to Contact Manager Module.
Link to related modules to
Assign Employee to Training. Add user to Document User lists. Look up Document Training History. Audit Area Qualifications.
Manage Information related to an employee such as
Document User List. Document Training List. Training Requirements. Employee Evaluations.
Employee Dashboard
Employee Dashboard
The Employee Dashboard allows you to get there faster. It creates a convenient “to-do” list by pulling up any assigned tasks for all of the modules and then customizing it for the current user. More importantly, it also provides easy links that lead the user directly to the area of The Lean Machine that will allow them to complete the task.
With our Employee Dashboard software module you can
View the dashboard assignments for any employee by selecting their name on the Dashboard menu. This fosters a sense of accountability, and minimizes the need for managers to constantly follow up or remind people of their assigned tasks.
Display Dashboard assignments can also by their categories, such as
Audits. Document Control. Production. Corrective Actions. Contact Management. Equipment. FMEA and more...
Switch navigation on the Main Menu between the Main Menu module buttons, and the Employee Dashboard.
Easily navigate to the area of The Lean Machine where the task or assignment can be accomplished.
Collect all the assignments for a user and display them on the Main Menu.
Employee Feedback / Suggestions
Employee Feedback / Suggestions
The Employee Feedback module can be used to collect ideas, suggestions, comments, criticisms, or as the first data entry step for a unique in-house process. The Lean Machine classifies employee feedback as either an observation of a deviation from a controlled process, or as a suggestion for a possible improvement that can lead to either a new CAPA or Event record in order to manage the change.
Create a response history using an “add only” comment generator to either respond or ask the person who submitted the feedback for more information, even if submitted anonymously.
Use Employee Feedback module to link feedback to the Event / Task module to create a plan of action that is traceable to the initial feedback.
Provide employees with an easy and convenient mechanism to submit ideas or other information to anyone in the organization.
Assign and re-assign feedback to ensure the right person is able to respond.
Categorize feedback to help identify larger issues and trends.
Respond to feedback even when submitted anonymously.
QMS Software
Most quality management software (QMS Software) platforms consist of document control, audit management, non-conformance tracking, corrective action, and employee training, however, our QMS Software is expanding to more areas of the business, depending on the QMS needs of your company.
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