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Project Management

By Interconnecting the TLM modules you need to manage the specific details of any given project, you have a wide variety of potential project management tools at your disposal.

As you can see from the list below, this module can be used to manage the diverse needs of almost any project, but you can keep your use of these modules as brief and limited as you want, thus making the whole process simply the answer to one basic question:

What do YOU need to do?
What do you need to do? Project Management Linking Capabilities Tackle your simplest or most complex projects within the framework or your QMS!

Project Management

Organize Early and Grow Faster with TLM!

Total Lean Management (TLM) Software provides a dual technology, upstream/downstream digital landscape to both easily create and find needed records, AND connect records that are a result of your work flows, such as your Project Management needs, since those projects are likely related to some aspect of the QMS.

There are two types of Upstream TLM users:

Beginners  - The fundamental need for this group is based on simply not being entirely sure of what they need, and wants the software to walk them through a process, as making their own decisions about what they need to do next feels a little uncomfortable.  However, by belonging to the Upstream user group, these individuals are in a quality oriented job description or have primary responsibility for certain upstream quality system processes.

Duration:   A user can only be a beginner for a limited amount of time

TLM Approach:  Free TLM User Training Center

Experts  - This group has specific workflows in mind, and knows what they need to get the job done.

For example in Document Management, their process looks like:

  1. New Document or New DCO.
  2. Load and edit the draft.
  3. Submit for Review so that Reviewers can make and track changes.
  4. Submit for approval.
  5. Require a final checklist of issues that might impact the content of document revisions.
  6. Release the Document.

In this example, one of the requirements TLM needed to meet for them was to provide system setting control over when in this sequence we enforced the Document Checklist, as it was originally built as step 3.   Now, depending on your system setting, you can choose where it belongs in the overall document release sequence.


Duration:  With the exception of maybe a couple weeks in the beginning users fall into this category for the remainder of their time with the software.

TLM Approach:  TLM is designed for the expert user, since everyone grows into this category.

Using TLM for project management is also an expert feature.  If you don’t know how to manage a project, or what your project needs are, you might want to visit the TLM User Training Center and explore some of the videos there.

Using TLM as Project Management software gives you a wide range of configuration options so that you can customize and adapt to any project type.

Fusion Technology is what happens when information integration creates a higher-level management system beyond individual workflows.  The Project Management Module in TLM incorporates this technology by integrating with other TLM solutions to create a Total Lean Management Software approach that provides all stakeholders with a picture of inter-related QMS Software events across your entire organization.

It also serves to create the foundation of your company’s digital landscape which saves you as much as possible from purchasing disconnected stand alone software, and provides the technical support for integrating other information systems when necessary.

All TLM software modules are rolled up to a user specific dashboard and summaries of each user's dashboard can be automatically emailed to ensure QMS activities are scheduled and prioritized accordingly.

In addition, the TLM dashboard helps users navigate to where tasks are performed, making it easy for new users to adopt the software without having to pay for extra training before being able to put TLM software to work for your company.

  • TLM is a lot like a swiss army knife.Normally all you need is the bottle opener so you can drink your beer.  Just like in a QMS, one might say the predominant activity revolves around document changes and refining the workflows they control.

    If you get lost in the woods you can flip out that saw and build yourself a log cabin.  Or in a QMS, respond to a customer complaint, or open a new CAPA.

    The point being that life is full of surprises and you never know when you are going to need a little extra help managing your information in some way you never expected until you arrived at that point.

    Just like being able to flip out that magnifying glass and start a life saving fire, we want TLM to be full of the solutions you need today, AND tucked away are a bunch of solutions you won’t realize TLM can do until you need it.

Of all the factors that drive human behavior, whether positive or negative, none are as universal as the need to evolve, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Your management team can create impressive organizational growth by harnessing this basic element of the human experience and the Project Management software has all of the key tools that will make your QMS software successful.

By organizing key aspects of how work is done, managers can use TLM Project Management software to empower employees to participate in finding opportunities for improvement and customer satisfaction while maintaining approval control to ensure additional risks aren’t introduced.

The TLM Project Management software module ensures these efforts are well organized, linked to all other aspects of the QMS software that might be related, and assigned to ensure employees who rise to the occasion can be recognized accordingly, and are motivated to do so as a result.

Times have changed, and the introduction of QMS software allowed organizations to take a different approach to their quality system and instead of wasting tons of time and money for little benefit, they are using their QMS to improve all aspects of the business.

At least the companies who could afford the high cost of most QMS software.

The whole point of ISO based quality standards is to address the minimum risks across every aspect of the business that could have consequences to customer satisfaction.  Unfortunately, by calling them “quality” standards, a misperception developed over the years that caused managers to think of quality as something the “quality department” was responsible for.

Total Lean Management (TLM) Software corrects this misperception by acting as an integrated management tool not only for compliance, but as the framework for how a company evolves.  Audit management software can be a vital component of this evolution, provided it is integrated with all the other aspects of the business to make auditing easier, faster, and more insightful.

There is Only One Type of Quality Management System


Over the last 20 years TLM has discovered a very basic truth when it comes to information management systems such as your eQMS, no two companies have the exact same needs.

In fact, the two biggest risks in the software selection process is either selecting software that is not flexible enough to manage information that is unique, and important to your workflow, thus forcing work arounds, or other concessions that effectively add waste to your business.

The other mistake is getting stuck with comprehensive, but inflexible systems due to their web based cloud hosting design, which forces a one size fits all approach to meeting customer needs.

And while one size might fit some, it might not fit all your needs when in the long run your understanding of those needs evolves and improves.

Total Lean Management Software, by definition, recognizes this fact, and addresses it through a dual technology, upstream / downstream user landscape approach to meeting the needs of both your upstream and downstream user types.  This is combined with our tiered approach to addressing newly discovered customer needs, making sure the software works in alignment with your business systems the day after your purchase, and for all the years ahead.

These measures include:

Custom fields

Allows you to adapt the software to your company’s terminology.

System Settings

Allows you to choose which features are applied to your process.

Rapid update cycles

Incorporating employee feedback into the continuous improvement cycle creates a synergistic effect on moral, engagement, and productivity.

Development Projects

This capability provides insurance that your system will never leave you stuck after discovering unknown needs after implementation.

High levels of interlinking

By implementing and combining modules in way that might be unique to your business or work flows.

World class customer support

Evolution is a team effort, and the whole team behind TLM enjoys helping companies comply with regulations, manage risk, continuously improve, and maintain a steady growth rate.

Help Files can be Linked to your Controlled Work Instructions

This unique TLM feature allows you to link individual screens in TLM to your own controlled procedures or work instructions for that area of the software (if needed).

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If you have any questions or want more detailed information, do not hesitate to call us.

If you have any questions or want more detailed information, do not hesitate to call us (866) 209-6896.

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TLM Customers are always our top priority -David Smithstein, CEO

“In the 10 years that we have relied on TLM to manage our quality documents, it has grown to become the core of our QMS. Our QMS has been audited by BSI, TUV, SAI, FDA, Canada Health and CDPH . We survived all of those audits and emerged a better company. Thanks, David!”

Jim Klett

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“EXCELLENT customer service! Without fail, David has responded to every question, email and phone call within a few hours. He is great to work with and always willing to help… TLM is a one-stop shop for all of our QMS needs … The training videos on the website are helpful- keep them coming!”

Allison Getz

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“Very helpful in fine-tuning the software/reports to meet our specific needs for audits, even ones requested the day before the audit. The software is straight forward for use, we have 8 personnel in two different locations using it seamlessly … The best customer support I have ever used.”

Stewart Denham

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