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Quality Management Software

Total Lean Management (TLM) Software was built for the real world where there is only one type of quality management system….. YOURS!

When you realize a year down the road that your QMS Software needs to do something differently to support your continuous improvement efforts, you will be glad you chose TLM as our system settings, custom fields, and development project support came about from making sure every TLM customer has what they need.

TLM is meant to be the foundation of your digital landscape, which in many cases can save you from purchasing separate software for each category of your QMS, yet provides full support for integrating other systems when necessary.

Managing Your QMS Software WorkFlows

The scope of your Quality management software can easily expand into material management, since it is the quality of purchased items, and the final products produced from them that are at the heart of your quality management efforts. 

While this graphic shows some high level relationships between modules, in reality, there can be many more, and sometimes, many less.

TLM was designed to ensure you can capture them the way they actually need to be for your quality management systems, as that might not be exactly like everyone else’s. 

Plus, during the implementation, any little details that need adjusting to accommodate any particular needs your business might have is just standard practice at TLM.

Audit Management Software

TLM Audit Management software simplifies compliance, ensures your organization is always ready for the next internal or external audit, and establishes the insights needed for continuous improvement.

  • Create efficient audits based on risk appropriate level of detail and Total Lean Management Agile audit cycles.
  • Keeps records centralized and speeds up the audit process.
  • Link your internal procedures to the sections of standards being audited for rapid compliance insight.

CAPA Software

TLM Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) software helps your company drive continuous improvement by orchestrating your employees through a regulatory compliant process of identifying, anticipating, and correcting  nonconformances that might prevent your company from meeting customer requirements, while managing the possibility of introducing new risks. 

TLM CAPA Software lets you:

  • Drive continuous improvement. 
  • Maintain compliance and mitigate risk.
  • Create a customized strategy for trend analysis.
  • Automatic alerts of new CAPAs for real time collaboration.
  • Supports multiple root cause analysis strategies.
  • Vendors can respond to SCAR via secure email link.

Contact Manager Software

The beauty of TLM is that we recognize the solutions you need today are going to have to play nicely with the solutions you might already have in place, or will be forced to purchase in the future. The most common examples of this real world challenge are ERP data, Accounting, and CRM data.

Yet almost all of your quality system work flows are likely to need access to other databases and TLM provides a foundation for building an integrated digital landscape. This integration with your existing or future systems can leverage the data you already have in categories where you might be forced to incorporate software that can address your unique business needs.

Customer Feedback Software

Whether it’s a customer complaint or general feedback, TLM Customer Feedback software turns that feedback into improvement opportunities with a tracking system that complies with post market regulatory requirements.

In regulated environments, customer complaints take on a higher level of significance. This is especially true when they’re related to adverse events or safety issues. 

Deviation Software

Deviations from the approved procedures in your document management system can potentially affect quality, and therefore, regulatory compliance. Also called out-of-specification (OOS) results, deviations can occur during raw material and finished product acceptance, sampling and testing, manufacturing, or product distribution.

Document Management Software

TLM Document Control software leverages the effort spent on your company’s documentation and elevates it beyond just quality and compliance into a Total Lean Management system.

Managers, process owners, or upstream QMS users can now save time, prevent errors, reduce risk and control variation by using TLM Document Control software to streamline the creation and delivery of critical documents to the downstream consumers of this important information.

Accessible via the desktop or web app access from either on-site or cloud hosted installations, TLM Document Control Software delivers the features needed at your company to manage what is arguably the nervous system and life blood of your organization, the documents that represent your company’s knowledge  base.

Electronic Records Software

TLM Electronic Records software allows companies to convert their paper records into electronic records and reap the benefits of going digital.

Every business is different, and each has some unique forms and records it maintains that are too obscure to be included in off-the-shelf software design.

TLM Electronic Records software is designed to help close that gap by allowing you to create master templates of these forms, or scan records, and load them into this module so that if needed, you can:

  • Create data on copies of the template forms electronically.

  • Search for Records electronically.

  • Include review and approval signatures with order control.

  • Indicate retention times.

Equipment (CMMS / TPM) Calibration

When production or testing equipment plays a role in your final product, it is critical to keep that equipment calibrated against a dependably-known and unvarying measure.

With repeated use, all equipment degrades with respect to its accuracy and precision, and getting the timing right for maintenance and calibration activities makes a huge difference in avoiding non-conformances as well as managing resources and reducing costs.

Events, Tasks, Action Plans and The TLM Checklists.

The checklist is arguably the king of all quality management system tools, as the ease of creation, impact on quality, and ability to help employees perform tasks correctly, in the correct sequence puts this quality tool on the 1st place pedestal without question.

For this reason you will find most TLM modules are supported with TLM Events, Tasks, or Action Plans and the system wide TLM Checklist, which earned a spot in the TLM logo.

FMEA/ /Control Charts/Quality Tools

In today’s world, ensuring high levels of quality is imperative for a company to succeed.   Total Lean Management (TLM) Software comes complete with the quality management system (QMS) software tools you need to identify and mitigate risk, reduce costs and eliminate waste thus ensuring quality is addressed at each stage of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process to include:

Inspections Module

Inspections can play a key role in your overall quality plan for a given part, and with TLM Fusion Technology, Inspections can be linked to all the other areas of your quality management system that can affect making inspection activity easier, faster and more accurate.

These links include:

  • Importing Lot, Serial, Packslip, and other Purchase Order Data for easy drop down selection.
  • Importing PO data from organic PO records in TLM, or PO data imported from ERP such as Epicor or any other accounting ERP system.
  • Inspection results can be linked to Non-conforming material reports when neccessary.

Inventory Module

The Inventory module in Total Lean Management software provides the foundation for all the other material management modules to ensure all the activities related to your parts can be managed in one integrated solution. 

From design and into production, TLM supports the variety of activities needed to include:

  • Design Status controls.
  • Control Plans.
  • Approved Inspection templates by type and revision.
  • Approval controls.
  • Work Order Templates.
  • Linked Documents.
  • Linked suppliers.
  • Cost Information.

Maintenance Work Orders

The Maintenance Work Order module in Total Lean Management software extends the functionality of the equipment module and provides additional flexibility for managing a variety of assignments that need to be scheduled by facility maintenance personnel.

TLM Maintenance Work Orders support the variety of activities needed to include:

  • Scheduling planned or unplanned activities.
  • Provides a web portal for maintenance requests.
  • Linked to Equipment Records for easy assignments.
  • Approved Inspection templates by type and revision.
  • Approval controls.
  • Work Order Templates.
  • Linked Documents.
  • Linked suppliers.
  • Cost Information.

Metrics and KPIs

One of the most challenging tasks a company has is to establish the best Key Performance Indicators that will help them gain insights for continuous improvement. The best approach to this task is to subject it to the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle with the ability to change the raw data collected when further insight is gained about the data needed for the KPI that measures the progress of a particular goal.

Non-Conforming Materials

Learning faster from mistakes using the TLM Non-Conforming Materials software module will unlock the benefits of a solid rejected material process that includes:
  • Cost Savings from reducing wasted resources.

  • Better Customer Satisfaction.

  • Lower Risk from the impact of non-conformances. 

Project Management

By Interconnecting the TLM modules you need to manage the specific details of any given project, you have a wide variety of potential project management tools at your disposal.

As you can see from the list below, this module can be used to manage the diverse needs of almost any project, but you can keep your use of these modules as brief and limited as you want, thus making the whole process simply the answer to one basic question:

What do YOU need to do?

Purchase Orders

TLM Purchase Orders lets you integrate your approved suppliers in TLM with the materials or parts they are approved to supply, as well as minimum quantity or sales order-driven purchasing triggers from those modules in TLM. Purchase Orders also allow integration with QuickBooks or other ERP systems in order to improve the quality system functionality that many finds is lacking in a lot of ERP systems.

With TLM Purchase Orders you can:

  • Link to your Approved Supplier list in Contact Manager.
  • Import ship to and bill to information.
  • List carrier, terms, and account numbers.
  • Track Lot and Serial Numbers.
  • Links to Receiving Inspections.
  • List carrier, terms, and account numbers.
  • Make partial receipts.
  • Integrated Budgeting.

Quality Records

TLM Quality Records is an electronic filing cabinet that gives you an alternative to paper record storage for any number of quality record types that need storage.

Of course, the records being generated by all the other TLM modules will likely cover most, if not all, of your quality record needs.  However, if your company is doing something unique and those records would benefit from electronic storage and retrieval, then this module provides an option for doing that.

Returned Materials (RMA’s)

Learning from customer returns can be a daunting task, but by using the TLM Returned Materials (RMA) software module you can learn and trend much faster and will be able to unlock the benefits of a solid RMA process that includes:
  • Cost Savings from reducing product returns.

  • Better Customer Satisfaction.

  • Lower Risk from the impact of complaints and returns.

  • Trending that can mitigate Improved product quality/performance.

Risk & Opportunities

Whether from regulators, shareholders, or the need to  address the guidelines of ISO 31000 and ISO 14971, the pressure to implement a formal, well organized risk management program has never been greater.

The TLM Risk & Opportunities module in TLM provides your company with a robust, yet flexible platform of risk management tools that are integrated throughout the software enabling risk management  implementation that’s just right for what your company needs.

Sales Order Software

Whether your organization is trying to meet the requirements of ISO 13485, or ISO 9001, both require some kind of documented review before committing to supply products and services to your customer.

In addition, the Sales Order is also an important trigger in any material management system for other activities such as purchase orders or work orders as the company manages its own supply and demand dance with its customers, vendors, and production departments as applicable.

Strategic Branding

Are customers lining up for your products or services?

The Strategic Branding module is based on the latest principles behind developing your brand in a systematic and strategic manner that avoids the following pitfalls or “Comfort Traps”:

  • Comfort Trap 1: “Strategic Planning.
  • Comfort Trap 2: Cost Orientation.
  • Comfort Trap 3: Self-doubt.

Survey Module

When you need direct information about behaviors, needs, or opinions the TLM Survey Software module has the features you need to create quick internal surveys of your employees, link them to other TLM Modules, or to obtain approvals for surveys being conducted through some other online resource. TLM Surveys helps you take some of the guesswork out of your QMS software decision making.

Training Management Software

TLM Training Management Software has plenty of Easy Buttons for a variety of training related tasks which streamlines the training process ensuring your company’s compliance is maintained and your team is up to date with new processes released Well organized training information allows supervisors to both allocate training resources to meet individual needs, but do so with broader company goals in mind.

Work Orders

The TLM Work Order Software module has plenty of features to help you manage whatever level of detail your operations require that add value to raw materials or components and keeps track of everything related to doing this work.

Once set up, operators can simply scan in and out of jobs and TLM keeps track of work order activities to include multiple operators on jobs simultaneously.

There is Only One Type of Quality Management System


Over the last 20 years TLM has discovered a very basic truth when it comes to information management systems such as your eQMS, no two companies have the exact same needs.

In fact, the two biggest risks in the software selection process is either selecting software that is not flexible enough to manage information that is unique, and important to your workflow, thus forcing work arounds, or other concessions that effectively add waste to your business.

The other mistake is getting stuck with comprehensive, but inflexible systems due to their web based cloud hosting design, which forces a one size fits all approach to meeting customer needs.

And while one size might fit some, it might not fit all your needs when in the long run your understanding of those needs evolves and improves.

Total Lean Management Software, by definition, recognizes this fact, and addresses it through a dual technology, upstream / downstream user landscape approach to meeting the needs of both your upstream and downstream user types.  This is combined with our tiered approach to addressing newly discovered customer needs, making sure the software works in alignment with your business systems the day after your purchase, and for all the years ahead.

These measures include:

Custom fields

Allows you to adapt the software to your company’s terminology.

System Settings

Allows you to choose which features are applied to your process.

Rapid update cycles

Incorporating employee feedback into the continuous improvement cycle creates a synergistic effect on moral, engagement, and productivity.

Development Projects

This capability provides insurance that your system will never leave you stuck after discovering unknown needs after implementation.

High levels of interlinking

By implementing and combining modules in way that might be unique to your business or work flows.

World class customer support

Evolution is a team effort, and the whole team behind TLM enjoys helping companies comply with regulations, manage risk, continuously improve, and maintain a steady growth rate.

Help Files can be Linked to your Controlled Work Instructions

This unique TLM feature allows you to link individual screens in TLM to your own controlled procedures or work instructions for that area of the software (if needed).

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