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While TLM can be used as a stand alone system, it is optimized to take advantage of the MS Office environment (32 bit Office only.  Windows 32 or 64 bit OS is fine).  This requires the runtime installation match the MS Office version being used so that integrated features, like the spell checker, will work in TLM.

IMPORTANT!!! You must have the current database updates required for this revision. (See the change log for details)

Full Installation Files

MS Office 2007 - No Longer Supported, contact LMBS for upgrade support to a newer runtime version

MS Office 2010 - Click Here

MS Office 365/2013 - Click Here 32bit | Click Here 64bit

MS Office 365/2016 - Click Here

Installation Instructions:

  1. Run the .exe above that matches the MS Office installation. ( use 2013 for MS Office 2013 and higher.)
  2. The first time installation is pretty much a click through event, with the exception of the MySQL ODBC driver. The default option of “Typical” should be changed to “Complete.”
  3. If asked to reboot in the middle of the installation, select No, and wait until you get the “Installation is Complete” screen for The Lean Machine. Then you can reboot if needed.
  4. If you are installing several users, you can relink the first UI File, (TLMMySQL.accde) then simply copy and paste it to the other installed computers in their C:\LMBS\TheLeanMachine folder.
  5. If a reinstall is needed, uninstall the existing TLM installation first. If changing MS Office versions, uninstall both TLM, and the Runtime version of MS Access, then run the full installation .exe for the new MS Office version.


The correct MySQL ODBC Connector will be installed during the TLM installation – Select Complete when installing the MySQL ODBC driver. (The default setting is “Typical”) (If you need to reinstall here are the links: MySQL ODBC-32bit  MySQL ODBC-64bit

Updating The Lean Machine

Most updates also require updates to the MySQL database which are performed by LMBS.  Once you know this step has been performed, you can download and relink the latest update.  Use the revision number on the Main Menu to determine if the latest update has changed from the revision you are currently using and would like to trigger the update process with LMBS.

To update TLM once installed, all you need to do is replace two files:

TLMMySQL.accde, and TLMEnterpriseHelp.chm

These files can be installed, along with the .Net 4.0 licensing upgrade from:

MS Office 2010 - Update Installation.exe

MS Office 365/2013 - Update Installation.exe

MS Office 365/2016 - Update Installation.exe

Once installed, these files need to be relinked, so select Yes when asked to relink and enter the database name, server name, username, and password….then click Connect.


Contact LMBS if you don’t know your relinking credentials.

Updating Validated Systems

A description of the changes to each revision is available here so that the Management Rep can perform a risk analysis and create the appropriate supplemental documents for their validation binder.  LMBS is available for support during this process.



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