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QMS easy implementation

Easy To Implement

Simple two-step navigation works the same in all modules, so new users find it easy to learn.

QMS full accountability

Visible Accountability

The user dashboard links all assignments from any module for direct access to each assigned task.

QMS full support

Developer Tech Support

Our cheerful development team provides direct tech support to stay connected with our users.

QMS comprehensive


26 modules for ISO compliance, change management, and continuous improvement.

QMS companion web app

Companion Web App

Our companion web app allows easy access to released documents, and key dashboard tasks.

QMS validation support

Validation Support

Easily comply with ISO 13485 validation requirements with our validation documentation set.

QMS custom projects

Custom Projects

We can build special features that are delivered in the next update, yet controlled by system settings.

QMS very affordable

Very Affordable

Our pricing essentially reflects the value of a single module, yet all 26 are available at no extra cost.

QMS erp integration

Existing ERP Integration

Our companion Connection Manager utility can integrate ERP systems with The Lean Machine.

QMS iso certification success

100% ISO Success Rate

For 18 years all of our customers have achieved their registration goals on the first attempt.

QMS  easy integration


Modules work together to reflect real world quality scenarios.

QMS alerts and scalation

Alerts and Escalation

Set automated email alerts with optional supervisor escalation.

Our Quality Management Software.

Quality Management Software - All In One Solution

The Lean Machine is an all-in-one Quality Management Software solution that can be customized to your company’s individual needs through configuration and customized development.

Guiding Principle - All in One CircleIt is designed to quickly implement the solutions you need today, with the ability to allow rapid conformance to current standards while supporting your need for continuous improvement as tomorrow’s business processes are identified.

The Lean Machine is delivered as a fully-integrated system of 26 modules, allowing you to incorporate the quality principles needed to meet your customer’s expectations, eliminate waste, and rapidly cycle through the art of continuous improvement that drives more revenue to the bottom line.

Management Solutions

Quality Management

Quality management software (QMS Software) brings organizational focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

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Risk Management

Systematic consideration of risk while making decisions is best conducted with robust risk management software.

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Compliance Management

This module ensures that your company has the compliance software needed to meet the requirements imposed by different institutions.

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Customer Management

Customer Management ensures the relationship with your customer is one that supports both repeat business.

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Production Management

Whether stand alone, or integrated with your ERP system or even QuickBooks, the production modules support the movement of your product from design to sales.

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Organizational Management

Organizational development modules allow you to set goals, defines roles, grants authority, and defines the measurements for performance.

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Our QMS Software is backed by a 100% success rate for ISO Certification On The First Try!

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