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Production Management

Customer Management ensures the relationship with your customer is one that supports both repeat business, and the holy grail of any one’s marketing effort….word of mouth endorsement of your company and products.

Design Control
Design Control
The Design Control Software module provides the engineer a starting point for product development. While most drawing programs also provide a mean to create a BOM list for the drawing, eventually that part list needs to be integrated with the rest of your information systems.
This module allows prototyping flexibility with the review and approval controls to move a part and it’s components from a “In-Design” status to “In-Production.”
With our Design Control software module you can
The approval of the linked drawing can be linked to the released of the corresponding part
Navigate easily between components and next higher assemblies
Initiate DCO/ECN for the part you are working on
Easily complete data entry for new parts
Link parts to their corresponding drawing
Set approval control options
Rapidly create parts lists
Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders
The Purchase Order Software module allows you to generated a list of items to request a quote from a vendor, or to order items.
With the Purchase Order Software module you can
List the items supplied by this vendor which automatically displays any quantities already requested and any quantities already on order.
E-mail purchase orders via the internal E-mail system through MS Outlook.
Customize templates for required language you need to send to vendors.
Track vendor performance through receiving or inspection data.
Integrate with the Inventory and Inspection modules.
Print both requests for quotes or purchase orders.
Receive partial line items.
Require receiving inspection.
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
The Lean Machine supports Lean Manufacturing by allowing customization of the information needed at various stages of a lean manufacturing environment. Even though visual systems may be deployed where possible to trigger material movement, regulated industries will still be required to implement lot and/or serial number tracking along with MDR and DHR information. The Lean Machine™ provides a very flexible platform of modules that can be used to support a lean manufacturing environment.
With our Inventory Management module you can
Manage inventory by using a Row, Level, Column, container indicator to describe the location and the quantity stored at that location.
Control the release of parts for production with reviewer lists, or links to the released drawing with matching revision.
See an overview of material requests and in-process work orders from the Inventory Search screen with links to those activities.
Push or Pull purchasing requirements from either minimum inventory levels or Sales Order requests.
Establish a quality plan/checklist that can be imported into the Inspection Module.
Track all material movements from purchasing through the sales order.
List and approve suppliers for each part.
Control and track serial and lot numbers.
Work Orders
Work Orders
The Work Order Software module is used to define, control and record the operations associated with manufacturing an item, whether its a sub-assembly, or final product within a Lean Manufacturing environment.
Operations can be defined to fit what your company does, whether it’s assembly, machining, or some combination of assembly and fabrication whether performed in-house, or out-sourced to a vendor.
Customize the Work Order software module name, call the module “Shop Traveler,” “Work Orders,” or whatever fits your lean manufacturing environment best.
All inspections associated with a work order must be completed before the item is completed and moved into inventory / storage.
Print a bar coded work order and scan the bar code of completed operations to track the processing time for each operation.
Work Center scheduling tool allows you to see what processing equipment is available for your operations.
List additional non bill of material components or hardware, if applicable.
Electronically pull material from inventory based on a first-in first-out basis.
Link Operations to the Inspection module if the operation is an inspection.
Sales Orders
Sales Orders
The Sales Order module provides a means to “pull” the production process.
With our Sales Order Software you can
Automatically fill orders from existing stock and make production/purchasing requests for any items that are short based on the BOM of that particular item.
Use invoice numbers from QuickBooks or other accounting software by using optional numbering on invoices.
Dashboard tasks walks everyone involved through a systematic process the meets contract reveiw requirements.
Make quantity requests of the production process to include both manufactured and purchased items.
Print invoices using the same number as your accounting software, or integrate directly with QuickBooks.
Capture contact history using internal e-mail or MS Outlook to document customer communication.
Link to a variety of other modules to support thorough quote review process.
Automatically or manually number new Sales Orders.
QMS Software
Most quality management software (QMS Software) platforms consist of document control, audit management, non-conformance tracking, corrective action, and employee training, however, our QMS Software is expanding to more areas of the business, depending on the QMS needs of your company.
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